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Ethnic Jewelry and Adornments; Australia, Oceania, Asia, Africa
My favorite; exceptional reading that gives a comprehensive overview of historical information related to ethnic jewelry and adornment in areas of Australia, Oceania, Asia, and Africa. The book features beautiful photography showing the author's exhaustive collection of jewelry and adornment worldwide.

Daalder, Truus. Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment. Melbourne, Australia: Ethnic Art Press, 2009.

Desert Silver: Nomadic and Traditional Silver Jewellery From the Middle East and North Africa
"This book, Desert Silver, explores the social, economic and religious background of this jewelry. The traditional silver jewelry of the region combines a variety of aspects of desert life. As the unalienable property of a woman, it has practical, economic value; it serves as a social indicator and reveals where the wearer comes from, how rich she is and her status as a wife and mother. Perhaps, more importantly, it is frequently worn as a powerful amulet".

Van Roober, Sigrid. Desert Silver. Volendam, Netherlands: LM Publishing, 2011.

Ethnic Jewels Magazine: TAIKOMOCHI OF JAPAN

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